Introducing: Daniel Karner

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I’m delighted to introduce to you one of the earliest members of the Carrots team. Daniel is a curious phenomenon. Although originating from Stuttgart’s countryside, he has learned to grasp surprisingly complex technological matters. Thus, through his expertise in electronics and his mastery of 3D modeling, he is considered a higher being in his home village. Want to convince yourself? Then check out the following interview, and his portfolio.

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Introducing: Chantal Horeis

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Before a game idea is born, there’s void. Then there come thoughts and words. Spoken, written, clustering to concepts . But at some point, creation wants to get visible, develop shape, color, and detail. How is this new world going to look? She is usually the first to answer. Today, the Artist is present, with Chantal providing answers about herself. After a long break, it’s about time you expand your Carrot card decks. Btw: if you are interested in her off-game art – and you should be – check it out.

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Pour me another shot, Danny!

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Improving one’s skills through practice is important, and there are several valid ways to do so. Our 3D-artist Daniel chose a quite tasty approach. With the warm season approaching, he created a cocktail he would love to serve to people, if he was a bartender. So lean back, relax and have a cooled glass of “AcidFizz’86”. Its main ingredients? Fresh fruits, 3D Studio Max, V-Ray and around 35 hours of spare time. With this level of detail, you can almost taste it on your tongue, right?







Click to enlarge: from rough draft to the rendered result. Cheers!