Introducing: Sebastian Schöner

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Ladies and Gentlemen, your applause, please… Mr. Schöner has entered the building! Armed with an impressive set of formulaic, analytical and discursive abilities, he is the newest addition to our team. To balance these rather head-focused skills a little bit, his private pleasures include a strong attraction to, well, unusual kinds of heavy metal music (which leads to another head-focused ability). So beware of his mosh and get to know him a little bit more:

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I found something strange on On the game page, Sydney-based indie dev Tony Lahood, aka Unknown Developer, provides you with two downloads, DPTG.exe and solution.png. Both led me to confusion.

Let me to take you along, in retrospect. Beware of spoilers, though, for the first part of the game.

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After a shy start, Freespawn is back with another three games that caught my attention. This time I only focused on, since there’s so much good stuff to find. But for the next issue, I’m going to go for other sources. By the way, if you have a free game to contribute, self-made or stumbled-across, drop me a line.




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Lilypads – PressureOverdrive

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Hey everyone!

My name is Daniel and I’m one of the graphic artists here at Chasing Carrots. In my first blogpost I  just want to show you some simple (but effective) stuff I created this week:  Green huge lilypads for the ponds at the count’s castle.

Hope you like it and stay tuned for more blogposts!

Cheers, Daniel