We are Chasing Carrots

The Climate

Supporting germany’s southern developer scene, Stuttgart is where our ideas grow to life. Its good infrastructure & sunny weather is a top environment for us.

Our Garden

The soil which we grow our games on is 100% self-funded, so we always can ensure our visions to be what we want them to be.

The Seed

We draw our inspiration from all kinds of sources and experiences. Colorful, funny, engaging and smart blends for tasty game creations.

The Produce

We are chasing carrots, because we believe in delicious game creations we love to taste ourselves – and hope you will enjoy, too!

The Team

Meet the core of Chasing Carrots, and get to know the nice people behind our creations.

Our Services

Do you want to realize your own projects? We are offering our knowhow and year long development expertise. Just get in touch.

Our Games

Good Company

You start your GOOD COMPANY literally with your own hands. With time and more workers, your duties shift. Have managers organize your employees, while you optimize processes and design robots to please the markets. Your robots can eventually even replace your employees. To what extend is up to you. But don’t forget: success is not only about profit. It’s also about reputation, as boss and as corporation.

Pressure Overdrive

Pressure Overdrive combines a vibrant Steampunk-world with the fury of classic shoot’em ups & arcade racing games. Filled with crazy characters, oddball humor and fuming boilers, players will shoot their way through striking environments. A keen eye, fast reflexes and clever combination of vehicle upgrades are a must in order to maneuver through Pressure Overdrive’s  world.


A fresh, funky and funny blend of space trading and life simulation. As captain of a small washed-up cruiser you put together a well-balanced crew and guide them through hilarious adventures in space. Trade, fight, manage and care – in your cosmic rise from rags to riches!

Heart of Scrap

Heart of Scrap is a tactical turn-based strategy game with a unique twist and lots of physics. In HoS you build your own ships from scratch, fitted to your needs and suited for various battle arenas. The timeline-based control system gives you full control over all ship elements, so you can tweak your maneuvers to the max.

Carrot Wild Live

The Team says hi…

We do what we must, because we can


Co-Founder, Code, Game Design

Everyone you will ever meet knows something you don’t!



If you concentrate, there will be ice cream.


Concept & 2D Art

Nothing in life is free, except for left-adjoints.



I am the droid you’re looking for.


Writing, Sound Design, Music

Zicke Zacke Hühnerkacke.


Martial Art

More of these crunchy frogs!


Co-Founder, Art, UX/UI

Write it down! I’ll get to it later!

Signore Boltini

Head Honcho

Software failure! Guru Meditation #84010007 .00C13870


Code, Guru, Game Design

It’s scary, let’s do it!


Creative Coding, Intern

There’s nothing i can’t destroy, uh…repair!

Mr. Scrappy


Right now, we have no open positions. But we are constantly
looking for new talents. Feel free to contact us! Get In Touch