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Destructible canyon rocks

By October 21, 2016June 30th, 2017Development, Heart of Scrap

Our artist Chantal made some beautiful looking rocks for the Heart of Scrap jungle environment. Here is a little insight on how she approached the visible destruction patterns on those rocks:


“Destructible obstacles are basic elements of a Heart of Scrap battle arena. For the first setting, the misty jungle, the arena layout is formed by canyon rocks. In order to make edges after destruction more realistic, extra geometry is built that adapts to the crucial edges like tape and is visible as soon as the edge of the rock is exposed. The texture on this geometry has a solid colored, irregular stripe in the middle and fades into an alpha channel to both sides. On top of that a stonelike normal map is used to give the now smoothed edge a rough look.”


We hope you enjoy these posts with insights from our current developments. What do you think and what you would like to read more of on our blog?

Have a great weekend 🙂

Josef Vorbeck


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