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Post Mortem: Pressure Overdrive

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It was to become more than just a simple port of our debut project Pressure, and it quickly evolved into a full-time project that posed new challenges for our team at Chasing Carrots.

In the summer of 2017 we released our fun-racer Pressure Overdrive, the definitive version of our debut Pressure from 2013. Both games form the framework of the creation and development of our studio itself, from day one to right now. It was an exciting journey, albeit a rocky one, along which our team learned a lot and acquired a wealth of experience. We’d like to share these experiences, and in doing so we not only want to provide a look at the actual development of Pressure Overdrive but also to discuss what was crucial to the process.

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As of late, I’ve discovered a special interest in free games. Not ‘free to play’, but free as in ‘created just for the sake of it’. I think such games have a different quality to them. Like a footprint. No external motivation, other than the itch to experiment, to share a thought, or for the mere fun of it. Another thing is: most of free games are rather short. You can easily enjoy them in one session, which is good for people like me. My attention span and/or time management tends to be jumpy.

There are a lot of great free games out there, and I’m just about to start digging deeper. Since I’d like to share what I find, feel free to follow this new and exclusive Carrotflix Series (with undefined frequency, plus a name that may change (since names are very important to me)).

Hope you enjoy episode 1.

Cheers, Patrick T.



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