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Good Company Changelog: #001 Modular Sanity

By March 25, 2018July 6th, 2018Changelog, Good Company

Good Company is all about freedom. You not only manufacture products, you even get to design them from scratch. It’s all about the agony of (meaningful) choice. Welcome to our world of modules!

Even if you start small, e.g. building your very first calculator, you’ll hopefully enjoy investing some thoughts into that process. Should the thing have a light-weight casing and a powerful battery, or the other way round? How many buttons are useful for that model? And how about processing power? These decisions are at your disposal while designing unique technology out of a wide range of modules. Imagine what kind of great products you could create in Good Company, to please your customers or the global markets or to take over the world, harrharrharr!

What else is new and shiny in this version? Check, check…

Best of changelog:

  • Define the position, size, and name of work zones in the company environment
  • Build worktables in and assign tasks to a work zone
  • Plan and complete tasks within a work zone to build modular products
  • Work zone setups are being restored after restarting a session
  • Lots of bugfixes



Co-Founder, Managing Director, 3D & UI Design

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