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Good Company Changelog: #005 Gamescom

By August 31, 2018September 3rd, 2018Changelog, Good Company

Good Company -> Gamescom -> Wow -> No, really: WOW!

We’ll never get used to Gamescom. And how should we? Time again it’s an amazing thing being in Cologne, especially as part of the infamous Indie Arena Booth. It wasn’t easy not to get washed away by the vibes, so we had been grabbing tightly onto our booth we have designed with lots of neat real live treats suiting the world of Good Company. Did you know we even won the 3rd prize for Best Booth Design? Well, yes! But most importantly we were thrilled being able to present our audience a Corporate Machinery Simulator that gave them a blast playing it, even though it’s still rather limited compared to what we have planned for the future.

Our special Gamescom version brought many new features and refinements that obviously added a lot to the gameplay. The overhauled introduction scenario worked like a breeze and got people hooked. Furthermore, exclusively for the expo build, we had a self-contained scene with a bigger factory stuffed with machines and bustling with workers. We thought it would be nice to give players a rough outlook as to what they can expect from later versions of Good Company. To watch their reactions – wide eyes and open mouths, to name a few – had been really rewarding.

Speaking of rewarding. We were not only flattered by the praise the game received. Even more important were tons of valuable feedback, and the players hadn’t been shy of that. Although we now have an official Discord server to get in touch with our community, getting first-hand insights into players’ thoughts about Good Company is an essential resource of support for us.

Our week at Gamescom had been very enlightening, so we almost couldn’t wait to get back to development. We already have tons of new features and improvements we want to implement. But to give you all a better overview of what we’d added for Gamescom, we here present you the most recent…

Best of changelog:

  • Introduced management workplaces
  • Improved logistics system
  • Streamlined the introduction scenario
  • Redesigned work zones for better visual distinction
  • Added anchors for work zones for improved interaction
  • Added resizing option for work zones
  • Fixed an army of bugs
  • Optimized frontend/backend architecture



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