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Introducing: Christina Bugram

By September 6, 2021Art, Studio, Team

Each March & September, a mystical cycle renews itself. The Rite of Passage for our interns, old and new. With great pleasure we look back on the past 6 months with Niklas, who was doing an amazing job as our summer intern. Yet, lo and behold, winter’s coming… in a good way! We’re super excited to have Christina from Austria in our team until spring. Here’s to bold, new adventures!

Who are you and what do you do at Chasing Carrots?
Heyho, my name’s Christina (aka Nae), I study computer animation at the FH Salzburg and I’m Chasing Carrots’ current 2D/3D intern! My tasks involve being a Photoshop wizard and summoning the forbidden craft that is painting.

How and why did you become a game developer?
Back in the golden ages (~2014) I discovered and got enchanted by a mysterious games series called “The Legend of Zelda” and that was the point when I made the decision that I simply needed to work on video games. The deeper I dived into the medium, the more amazed I became with the capabilities it possessed and when I got my hands on the game “Journey” all my senses were completely enthralled. The sense of awe and wonder that games can create is unmatched to any medium in my opinion.

What are your all-time favorite games?
I am a sucker for strong art direction and audio design in games, so all of my favourite games have that. To start off: of course, Journey and most of the 3D Zelda games. I also adore the Ori series, Metal Gear Solid, Witcher 3, Undertale, Persona 5, NieR:Automata, The Last of Us and many, many more!

What was your first gaming experience?
Sharing one game boy color with my older sister and playing Super Mario Bros. Deluxe way too much and also some bizarre GBC games like a Sendung mit der Maus platform game. Also: Pokémon and not being able to beat the games myself, so a friend just played through most of it and I just watched, haha.

Who or what is your favorite band/music?
I pretty much listen to anything that is not just radio music as long as it’s good (except for Schlager ò_ó). I love Iglooghost, SOPHIE, K/DA, Grimes, etc. but mostly listen to soundtracks of games, shows and movies. And also lo-fi beats to relax and study to, haha.

What’s your craziest hobby?
I don’t know how crazy this is but I love to go dipping, it’s something a friend and I started where we go for a walk and then put (or dip) our legs into the river but we do this during every season and under every weather condition and I do mean every.

If you could be a game character, you would be…?
Either Link from Breath of the Wild or Ori from The Will of the Wisps, simply because I could never rip myself away from these worlds and continuously wanted to spend more time in them. Ciri from Witcher 3 would be pretty cool, too.


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