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Introducing: Dilan Dindar

By March 18, 2022March 24th, 2022Art, Studio, Team

We are so busy with Good Company that we almost forgot to introduce our new intern Dilan to you! Although she is still studying, Dilan already has a golden hand for beautiful 3D assets. We are sure, our project(s) will benefit greatly from her talent. Welcome, Dilan – we hope you will be having a great time at Chasing Carrots! As usual, read ahead for some interesting background information…

Who are you and what do you do at Chasing Carrots?
Heya, I’m Dilan and currently the intern for all 3D related stuff.

How and why did you become a game developer?
One day, years ago when I was on Youtube, I stumbled upon a short video of a timelapse where an artist modelled a 3D portrait of a girl, starting from a simple box. I was so impressed and fascinated by his skills, I knew that’s what I wanted to do as well.
When I started learning, I didn’t even know how to open the task manager, so yea those were some fun times…

What did you do before Chasing Carrots?
I’m at the end phase of my university degree, so I haven’t had any work experience in this industry before.

What was your first gaming experience?
Pokemon Blue on the Gameboy Color. There is that one part at the beginning of the game where you will be on the S.S Anne luxury cruise ship fighting other trainers, and as soon as you leave the ship it just sails away without you, which is intended to be like that. Of course as a kid I didn’t know that and every time it happened, I reseted the game in hopes I wouldn’t mess it up again.

My first gaming device was…
A yellow Gameboy Color. I had a whole variety of games but mainly stuck to Pokemon, Tetris and Looney Tunes. At one point I lost the lid of the battery compartment and it got especially frustrating when I was in the middle of the game and the batteries moved out of place, causing me to lose all my progress.

What are your all-time favorite games?
There was a period where I played Tekken Tag Tournament 2 for almost 3 years straight. I especially liked the fighting in the private messages from angry players after the rounds ended. That’s how I actually learned english by the way. I also enjoyed Kingdom Hearts, The Last of Us, Bloodborne and am currently playing Don’t starve together and giving Animal Crossing a shot. I really like the villagers drama between each other so far 😀

Who or what is your favorite band/music?
I enjoy everything on this planet except Schlager or Country. I am that type of person who listens to the same 5 songs on repeat for half a year before changing up one of them.

If you could be a game character, you would be…?
Definitely something like a necromancer or a mage with ice and black magic spells who looks all nice and shiny 🙂

What would you say, is your nerdiest apparel?
My friends got me a Hogwarts Hoodie/Cloak/Blanket thing for my birthday, very comfortable and in the color of my House: ~*+ Ravenclaw +*~


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