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Introducing: Josef Vorbeck

By October 10, 2017Studio, Team

Today, we lift the curtain for our producer Josef. He had to hold himself back a little, though. Otherwise, his Carrot Card would have been buried under heaps of information, since his interests are manifold. Do you want to know the most recent news of the industry? Ask him. Do you need advice on how to cook a delicious meal out of seemingly ordinary ingredients? He’s the man. Let’s look forward to future blog posts by Josef, but first… enjoy this interview.

Who are you and what do you do at Chasing Carrots?
Hi, I’m Josef and as Producer at Chasing Carrots I try to help my teammates where I can. I’m also in charge of sales, PR (social, events, etc.) and working with outside contacts and partners to get things like dev kits and so on.

Your first gaming device?
My first gaming device was the first Game Boy with Tetris and Super Mario Land. Today I still own a Game Boy pocket with some games.

What was your first gaming experience?
That must have been with playing Maniac Mansion with my cousins on their Amiga. LucasArts Adventures and later Doom and the other id software games really got me hooked on gaming.

What kind of games do you like?
I like lots of different games and I have too many of them. Still, I prefer playing First Person Shooter/Puzzler and of course Adventures. Even though I played lots of multiplayer shooters from Quake, Unreal Tournament and Counter-Strike to Battlefield and Call of Duty, nowadays I prefer “crazy” and somewhat story driven games like No One Lives Forever, The Darkness (which both need a new installment of the series), Singularity (my personal tip) or the old Prey (2006 and I would have loved to see Prey 2 from Human Head, still the new one by Arkane is a great game).

Another personal tip, if you can get it to run and get past some flaws is Psychotoxic – it’s one of the craziest games I know and it was developed in Germany. Currently, I’m waiting for The New Colossus. After the fantastic Wolfenstein: The New Order I’m really looking forward to this next crazy ride by MachineGames.

What are your all-time favorite games- / series?
While compiling this list, a much bigger list was built, but that will be something for a future article since it would exceed this interview.

– Deus Ex
– Thief
– Monkey Island
– Half-Life
– BioShock

What’s your craziest hobby?
Headphones and everything that comes with it – like, amplifiers, modding and so on. Also, I want to build my own headphone sometime, but that’s still a work in progress with lots of research.
Other than that I like tinkering with PC hardware and I enjoy a good whiskey now and then. Of course reading up on the latest stuff in games, reading books about it and watching game dev documentaries like the ones from no clip / Danny O’Dwyer, but that calls for another separate article.

Who or what is your favorite band/music?
Just to give a few: Bad Religion, Broilers, Casper, Evergreen Terrace, Comeback Kid, Elijah Bossenbroek, Ludovico Einaudi, Max Richter and so on.
It’s pretty diverse regarding music genre, I really like rock, punk, metal, classic stuff and movie scores.

If you could be a game character, you would be…?
Garrett the master thief

What is the best about being a game developer?
Bringing fun to the players and of course working with such creative and skilled individuals on cool projects.


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