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Introducing: Ronja Böhringer

By June 18, 2018Code, Studio, Team

Orange has obviously been a dominating color here at Chasing Carrots. Today, however, we’re happy to announce that our palette has significantly expanded. We’d like to welcome Ronja, the newest and most colorful member of our team. Wanna know more about her? Well, check out some facts below.

Who are you and what do you do at Chasing Carrots?
I’m Ronja, the latest intern at Chasing Carrots. I do programming and a bit of other stuff and graphics programming in particular.

What is the best about being a game developer?
Definitely 100% the people. While the games industry has some big problems, I meet so many friendly and interesting people who want to change that! Especially around indie games are so many people who support each other and innovate the medium of games and I’m happy to know them.

How and why did you become a game developer?
I dabbled with programming and 3d modeling as a teenager because it was fun, so the next logical step how to use my skills was making simple games. I was then told that I have the best job chances as a programmer and it’s a thing I like doing, so I focussed on that.

What did you do before Chasing Carrots?
My story is super boring so far. I went to school, then the other school, then university and now I’m here. 😀

What kind of games do you like?
I love innovative narrative games. The things that are happening with visual novels right now are super interesting and I also really like things supergiant games are doing. I also play a bunch of multiplayer games, but mainly because I like doing a thing together with my friends. Oh, and I like tabletop games, they combine the two things very nicely.

What was your first gaming experience?
When I was a child, there were Gary Gadget and Anno games at the library so they were the games of my childhood.

Who or what is your favorite band/music?
I don’t really care that much about music genres, so I mostly end up listening music my friends like, music I like the artists from and music I can relate to (so mostly music by queer artists).

What would you say, is your nerdiest apparel?
I sewed Ramona Flowers’ subspace highway bag myself a few years ago and I’m still pretty proud of that..

If you could be a game character, you would be…?
I have a pretty clear image what kind of person I want to be and I don’t really want to sacrifice that for anything and I don’t really know any game character that is like that, so… I guess I don’t want to be a game character. (Can I be Samus Aran’s girlfriend though? If that’s an option I do wanna be a game character)


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