The pragmatical programmer’s guide to vectors

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This blog post aims to be something like a cookbook for 2D Vectors. As such it will contain very practical recipes without diving into the theoretical background too much. There will be short introductions on how you can derive the formula, but you can also just skip those and go directly to the pseudo code, if that is all you need. Every recipe is nicely illustrated with interactive diagrams written in paper.js. Read More

Destructible canyon rocks

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Our artist Chantal made some beautiful looking rocks for the Heart of Scrap jungle environment. Here is a little insight on how she approached the visible destruction patterns on those rocks:


“Destructible obstacles are basic elements of a Heart of Scrap battle arena. For the first setting, the misty jungle, the arena layout is formed by canyon rocks. In order to make edges after destruction more realistic, extra geometry is built that adapts to the crucial edges like tape and is visible as soon as the edge of the rock is exposed. The texture on this geometry has a solid colored, irregular stripe in the middle and fades into an alpha channel to both sides. On top of that a stonelike normal map is used to give the now smoothed edge a rough look.”


We hope you enjoy these posts with insights from our current developments. What do you think and what you would like to read more of on our blog?

Have a great weekend 🙂

Developing a thermography shader #3

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Hello again, it’s a meeeee Thermo-Man 😛

I made a mistake! I assumed, the shader creation would be easy, that i just have to calculate the distance from a BattleBlock center to its extends and map a nice color onto it. And boy, it was easy and fast. But then i realised, that this will work only for more or less cubic blocks. But what’s with the other blocks? Like laserguns with their 3×1 layout? My shader didn’t really handle that very well…


So my next idea was to generate a kind of heatmap for each block. I went into 3dsmax and used a combination of AO Baking with inverted normals and a little amount of manual vertex color painting. Mapped as before with a nice color gradient, the result looks like this:


An important part of the whole shader is, that the player can easily tell which block is hotter than others. So i implemented a little value crop/remap feature into the shader, which makes sure only a distinct color range (+-20%) is shown on one block. Here’s how it looks, if i enter heat values from 0 to 1:


And here’s the shader: carrots heatmapshader


Cheers, have a nice weekend!


Developing a thermography shader #2

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Hello again!

This time i’m diving deeper into the heatmap look development. To be able to easily distinguish your Battleconstruct form the background, i decided to go with 2 seperate shaders. One heightmap based for the level and one distance based for the BattleBlocks. Just made a quick photoshop mockup of how the viewmode would look inside the game:


In the upper left corner you can see the new viewmode toggle button to switch between different modes (eg. normal, heat, energy, hull integrity).

Next will be the shader creation in unity. Stay tuned 🙂



Developing a thermography shader #1

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Hey there,

my name is Patrick. I’m one of the artists here @ chasing carrots an currently i’m working on a thermography shader for HoS (Heart of Scrap). The idea behind this is, to give the player a quick and familiar overview over the heat-distribution of his BattleConstruct.

I’m aiming for something like this:

My first idea would be a distance based shader. The further away a pixel is from the center of an object, the darker it will be rendered. Then i map some nice colors over this gradient. Voila: Not that bad for the first shot:


Next steps will be: Develop this look further in the context of the game (with UI, environment and everything), then creating a realtime shader which can reproduce the look in an acceptable render speed.

Stay tuned…

Chasing Carrots Online 2.0

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Just in time for the Gamescom 2016 in Cologne, where we will be showcasing our two new projects, we’d like welcome you on our new website. Although what you can see is still work in progress, we invite you to click around and get to know who we are and what we do through some first impressions provided here. Of course we will refine the contents over time, including this blog, so stay tuned for more information about our studio and the development of Pressure Overdrive and Heart of Scrap. And of course we are looking forward to get in touch with you and answer your questions or requests… feel free to drop us a line.

Last but not least, if you happen to be at Gamescom 2016 in Cologne, Germany, the coming days, we’d be happy to meet you. You can find our lovely booth at Hall 10.1 Booth 050.

Cheers, your Chasing Carrots