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Goodbye Christopher! Hello Benno!

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After six months of being a highly skilled support for our code devision, Christopher’s internship finally is over and he’s heading back to Flensburg to focus on his Bachlor-Thesis. It’s been a great time and we wish Christopher all the best – not only for his studies, but also for his wedding!

As sad it is to say goodbye to Christopher, we are happy to welcome his successor, Benno! He will help us get Pressure Overdrive out into the world, soon, and then return with us to Heart Of Scrap. So, a big Welcome from all of us. We’re looking to have a really orange time with you! ūüėČ
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Indie Prize at Casual Connect 2017 in Berlin

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In late December‚Äô16 we had been invited with Heart of Scrap to participate in the¬†Indie Prize competition at Casual Connect in Berlin. For us this was a chance to showcase Heart of Scrap in its current state (which is still the gamescom version since all of us switched to working on Pressure Overdrive) and get good feedback while meeting lots of cool game devs.¬†This was our second time at an Indie Prize. Last year we’ve been in Amsterdam and had a great time showing Cosmonautica.
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And once again, the world jammed – GGJ 2017

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Hey everyone, we’re back! Global Game Jam 2017 in Stuttgart has been a fantastic weekend, with almost 70 jammers creating 14 games. Be sure to check out the projects. In case you are particularly interested in what the Carrots have done, you can play our games online. Have fun!

Pukey Boat

Ace Of Waves

Btw, for those who want to get some impressions how the jammers spent their time, have a look…

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After a shy start, Freespawn is back with another three games that caught my attention. This time I only focused on itch.io, since there’s so much good stuff to find. But for the next issue, I’m going to go for other sources. By the way, if you have a free game to contribute, self-made or stumbled-across, drop me a line.




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As of late, I’ve discovered a special interest in free games. Not ‘free to play’,¬†but free as in ‘created just¬†for the sake of it’.¬†I think¬†such¬†games have a different¬†quality to them. Like a footprint. No external motivation, other than¬†the itch¬†to experiment,¬†to share a thought, or¬†for the mere fun of it. Another¬†thing is:¬†most of free games¬†are rather short. You can easily enjoy them in one session, which is good for people like me. My attention span and/or time management tends to be¬†jumpy.

There are a lot of great free games out there, and¬†I’m just about to start digging deeper. Since¬†I’d like to share what I find,¬†feel free to follow this new and exclusive Carrotflix Series (with undefined frequency, plus a name that may change (since names are very important to me)).

Hope you enjoy episode 1.

Cheers, Patrick T.



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Developing a thermography shader #3

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Hello again, it’s a meeeee Thermo-Man ūüėõ

I made a mistake! I assumed, the shader creation would be easy, that i just have to calculate the distance from a BattleBlock center to its extends and map a nice color onto it. And boy, it was easy and fast. But then i realised, that this will work only for more or less cubic blocks. But what’s with the other blocks? Like laserguns with their 3×1 layout? My shader didn’t really handle that very well…


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Developing a thermography shader #2

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Hello again!

This time i’m diving deeper into the heatmap look development. To be able to easily distinguish your¬†Battleconstruct form the background, i decided to go with 2 seperate shaders. One heightmap based for the level and one distance based for the BattleBlocks. Just made a quick photoshop mockup of how the viewmode would look inside the game:


In the upper left corner you can see the new viewmode toggle button to switch between different modes (eg. normal, heat, energy, hull integrity).

Next will be the shader creation in unity. Stay tuned ūüôā