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Introducing: Sebastian Schöner

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Ladies and Gentlemen, your applause, please… Mr. Schöner has entered the building! Armed with an impressive set of formulaic, analytical and discursive abilities, he is the newest addition to our team. To balance these rather head-focused skills a little bit, his private pleasures include a strong attraction to, well, unusual kinds of heavy metal music (which leads to another head-focused ability). So beware of his mosh and get to know him a little bit more:

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Post Mortem: Pressure Overdrive

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It was to become more than just a simple port of our debut project Pressure, and it quickly evolved into a full-time project that posed new challenges for our team at Chasing Carrots.

In the summer of 2017 we released our fun-racer Pressure Overdrive, the definitive version of our debut Pressure from 2013. Both games form the framework of the creation and development of our studio itself, from day one to right now. It was an exciting journey, albeit a rocky one, along which our team learned a lot and acquired a wealth of experience. We’d like to share these experiences, and in doing so we not only want to provide a look at the actual development of Pressure Overdrive but also to discuss what was crucial to the process.

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How to Create Inventory Icons

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Welcome to another overview of the design process for Good Company!

Managing a small or big company that manufactures robots in all variations and sizes means you also have to manage a lot of different products, intermediate goods, and materials. As a player of Good Company, you want to have a good overview of the items in your inventory to efficiently produce, research and create. Since production starts on a very basic level, where employees can combine plastic cases with wheels and batteries, and possibly ends with complex and specialized machines, the items you have to deal with might vary significantly in size and complexity. Therefore, we wanted to create a style for the representation of those items that show a good compromise between the abstract function of certain items and detailed visual representation of others.

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Creating a key visual for “Good Company”

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It is easier to promote a new game if you have interesting screenshots and a catchy cover image. So I began planning what would be the first version of a key visual for our new game “Good Company” about three weeks ago. To come up with a good concept I first gathered reference from the game itself and from inspirations we had defined in the very early stages of the project. It was important for me that the final image would be a representation of the game and its looks but also introduce a slightly new aesthetic for possible graphics and advertisement images inside the game. The visual style of images that “lives” in the game, so to speak.
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Introducing: Sebastian Kahl

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New year, new introduction 🙂 Sebastian joined our merry team at the beginning of December and dived right into a huge pile of tasks, so we had to postpone his presentation here for a while. Almost two months later, he has fully transformed into a true Carrot and perfectly contributes his various skills, which span from art to science. Glad to have you on board! Now tell us a little bit more about you…

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