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Introducing: Niklas Riebel

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Unfortunately, we are too busy to update this blog regularly. But today it’s a must: For the next 6 months, it’s Chasing Carrots +1! Niklas joined our team for his internship. Even though the work-from-home situation due to Corona has built physical distance, Niklas already grew close to us. And we can but hope that we’ll be spending at least the summer with him in our lovely office. And now, please welcome Niklas!

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Introducing: Eric Goofers

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It’s been a while since a new Carrots joined our team. So we’re extra happy to introduce Eric to you all, today! He joined us as a working student and will be focusing on Good Company’s multiplayer mode, as part of his Master Thesis. Aside from being an ambitious coder, he shows a great variety of interests, as he’s keen on sharing below. Welcome aboard!

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Introducing: Sophie Kordes

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It’s a pleasure to introduce a new member of our merry troupe! Please give a heartful welcome to Sophie, who recently joined us to support our art department. Besides her obvious passion for owls – her spirit animal – she has a few more interesting things to share about herself. So, read on if you’re curious… 

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Introducing: Clara Müller

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We keep on attracting talented people from (far) beyond Stuttgart. After Marc moved here from Luxemburg, Connor from the US, and Johanna from Saarbrücken, please welcome our new intern Clara! She has temporarily left Darmstadt, Hesse, to support our 3D art department. Usually, new Carrots are happy to share some personal insights, and Clara holds up to that tradition.

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Introducing: Connor Deakin

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We’re getting international! Connor left the United States to join our merry band (and to be with his girlfriend who is studying in Stuttgart). We’re very happy to have him here, not only because he is the first Carrot to have worked at SpaceX! Quite impressive, right? He’s got many more interesting details to share, so take your time and enjoy his interview.

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Introducing: Johanna Puhl

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After our former concept artist Chantal followed her husband to Sweden for new adventures, we are more than happy to have Johanna in our team now. She’s far more than just a replacement, being a great colorful Carrot addition, with her intriguing art skills and humor.

Find out more about Johanna in the following interview…

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Shader Magic with Ronja

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Hey there, I’m Ronja. I write code at Chasing Carrots.

My focus has been on graphics programming lately (for about 1.5 years and counting). Trying to replicate reality, graphics styles of other media, or to generate new patterns that are difficult or impossible to generate in other media, is all super interesting to me.

There are tons of tools to play around with for graphics programming or creative coding, which is the act of just making stuff to look or sound nice, without any other inherent use.


Some examples of tools that are handy for graphics programming are:

  • Processing
  • Shadertoy
  • All major game engines

There are a lot more tools, often even not specifically made for graphics programming.

My personal focus is on writing shaders in Unity. Mainly because there is a friendly community around graphics programming in Unity, and because unity provides a framework that makes writing simple programs not too hard while still allowing us to write very complex setups with very advanced functionalities. Another obvious advantage of Unity for me is that I’m able to use my shaders in the games I make.

My personal journey to graphics programming and shaders began early last year when I joined the discord server of Joyce, also known as MinionsArt, who makes new shader tutorials every week (check her out!). Shortly after that I worked on a project for university and did some minor stuff to make the trees wave in the wind and animate the water. I quickly found the fun in shaders and started using them in places where I might not have needed them (for instance, I wrote a sprite animation system that’s mainly shader driven). And after that project I stuck to shaders, writing many more effects for many projects I was a part of.

In March of this year there was a big event called GDC (game developer conference) I didn’t go to. At the same time though there was also a smaller online event happening called notGDC, by and for people who couldn’t/didn’t want to go to GDC, but still wanted some of the networking/knowledge gain you get when attending the conference. I joined that smaller notGDC event and decided to try to give back to the community I learned so much from by writing shader tutorials aimed at beginners.

My plan was to have a tutorial for each piece of knowledge you need to understand the next tutorial, so I could always reference back to the old tutorials for people who want to learn a thing but don’t know the required basics yet. I managed to write 4 tutorials in 4 days for notGDC which set the start of a series of tutorials. From March to today I’ve managed to upload a new tutorial almost every week, only skipping a week when I was at an event (AMAZE). Each tutorial explains a new thing that’s useful to know about writing shaders.

Since then, many people told me that they started learning shaders with my tutorials and that means a lot to me. So, if you want to check out my tutorials yourself, you can find my website hereor get in touch on Twitter.